Zankyou no Terror Full Series Commentary & Review (Part 2)

Thoughts on the Endings I didn’t want to think about it but the deaths were definitely coming. Someone had to die in this series. Terrorists don’t just walk off scot-free into prison. Nine’s character doesn’t change much throughout the series, … Continue reading

Zankyou no Terror Full Series Commentary & Review (Part 1)

 Hey guys how are you all? Today I am finally reviewing the ever-popular and ever-so intriguing summer anime – Zankyou no Terror. The reason that I decided to wait till the series finished before approaching it critically was because I … Continue reading

Nagi no Asakura Full Series Review

The theme of love appears in almost every story, poem, legend, film, song and here, anime.  There are many types of love – the love between friends, the love between family, the love of a community; the kind of love … Continue reading

Cloudy’s Winter 2014 Anime Picks

Hello everyone, I have been so busy with stuff lately that I’m a little behind on the Winter release but HERE THEY ARE and HERE ARE MY PICKS!! – If you’re into Season 2’s, be sure to check out Chuunibyou … Continue reading