Hanayamata Episode 2 Review

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds  Naru’s super confident perfectly friend Yaya is just a bit irked that the shy and timid Naru is getting super cozy with the new transfer student. Yaya ends up going to Naru’s house to discuss plans … Continue reading

Hanayamata Episode 1 Impressions

“Anyone can be dazzling if you try hard enough.” Hanayamata begins with a girl named Naru Sekiya who is quite shy, kind and lacks confidence. One night as she passes the shrine, she bumps into a girl whom she mistakens … Continue reading

Wake Up, Girls! First Impressions

I actually didn’t expect Wake Up, Girls to begin the way it did. Like many other idol or entertainment, performing arts related anime, I thought the series would go from aspiring singer or other, to professional debut and although it’s … Continue reading