Summer Wars Movie Review

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REDLINE the Movie, Review

Redline UK DVD OFFICIAL COVER.Hey guys, to kick off the month of March, I wanted to start with a REALLY AWESOME, KICKASS, ACTION, RACING, EPIC MOVIE called REDLINE. It was originally produced and released by Madhouse in 2009. The genre is science fiction and racing. The style of art is vibrant and rough. And animation is stunning. I’m not usually a big fan of Japanese animated films unless they’re made by the god of animation, Hayao Miyazaki or it’s a movie attached to one of my favourite series (and even then, I’m still reluctant to give it a chance) but Redline is definitely an exception.

 Rating: 5/5 MUST WATCH CLOUDS 55rainbowclouds

Redline was introduced to me through some anime club friends. The first time I watched it was at a club screening last year and recently I had the pleasure of showing it to other friends at one of our recent screenings. The plot in Redline has all your classic race elements. Mechanic and racer team up to enter the circuit, one of them (the mechanic in this case), gets into shady underhanded dealings with big business mafiamen and the racer has to throw races in order to help his buddy pay back debt and keep his life.

Our main man of the movie is Sweet JP (WHO HAS THE COOLEST HAIR EVER) and his mechanic is Frisbee. Most of the characters are aliens, humans and other weird creatures, so this world isn’t a big issue. When the plot opens up, JP is racing down the Yellowline track. A few feet before the finish line, his car blows up and he loses the chance to qualify for Redline. Later, however, whilst JP is recovering in the hospital, two of qualified racers for Redline decided to drop out for political and personal reasons since Redline will take place on the martial ruled Roboworld this year. As a result, JP and another racer is nominated on a popularity vote to compete in Redline. The entire story is based around this opening premise.

Sweet JP Sweet JP and Frisbee

The story was written by Katsuhito Ishii and directed by Takeshi Koike. The story and its plot while simple enough to follow isn’t super original. The five out of five clouds stickler is really the FANTASTIC art style, the animation and just the enjoyment level. Redline moves at a breakneck fast pace and when you’re not sitting on the edge of your chair cheering for JP or Sonoshee to reach the finish line, your eyes are darting everywhere on the screen just taking in all the details put into supporting characters and backdrops. Every single character is visually unique and when I say every single character, I mean every single character because every single character in the audience is some weird amalgamation alien thing from a billion different races. Some moments are random and there is almost no character development but you’re mostly watching it for the ACTION ACTION ACTION because even if you’re not a fan of this rough and tumble kind of animation, you have to give Madhouse MAJOR MAJOR PROPS for being COMPLETELY HAND DRAWN, taking almost seven years to complete.

My comfort zone is sparkly shojo, smooth and soft pastel animation, much like what you see in Kyoukai no Kanata’s art produced by Kyoto Animation HOWEVER, watching this movie was one of the best things I’ve ever been coerced into watching. The simplistic story of the plot just makes Redline all the more enjoyable what with its cinematography and music (by James Shimoji), it’s like you’ve hopped onto a kickass rollercoaster for 102 minutes.

There’s really not much else for me to say about Redline other than it’s one of the movies worth watching more than once and it’s something you’ve got to see instead of read about it. Go watch it now!! Go!!

– Cloudy

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Dorian Gray (2009) Movie Rant

dorian_gray_poster_2Hey guys, I decided to write a review on the 2009 version of Dorian Gray that I recently watched with one of my Latin buddies. It a few years old and I desperately wanted to see it in theatres but just never ended up finding a friend to go with and then schoolwork got in the way and you know how it is in high school, things just go in one ear and out the other, so the Dorian Gray movie slowly faded into one of the “should have gones” in my cinema history.

“Some things are precious because they don’t last.” – Basil

If you’re familiar with the story or have read Oscar Wilde’s original novel first published in 1890, you’ll know that the ending of the movie is slightly altered, probably for dramatic purposes. However, the sentiments of the story and its wide ranging themes themes are all prominently presented through rich and symbolic cinematography. Basically, the story follows a young man named Dorian Gray who’s returned to his late grandfather’s estate to inherit what’s left of it. He makes friends with a man named Henry Wotton who introduces him into the social gatherings of the upper class and whom encourages Dorian to fully embrace his emotions, temptations and live a life of pleasure. When the artist Basil Hallward paints a portrait of Dorian, the young aristocrat is astonished at the youth and beauty in the portrait. Wotton remarks that the man in the portrait will last while the man outside the picture will wither and die someday. Dorian offers that he might “nail my soul to the devil’s altar” in an exchange for eternal youth. Slowly but surely, Gray begins to life a life of mere pleasure and with his soul trapped in the painting, he revives from each and every indulgent ordeal untouched and unscathed while the Dorian in the picture begins to deteriorate and rot. Years later, Dorian has come to realize that everything comes at a sacrifice and he’ll need to pay his dues one day…

dorian-gray-ben-barnes-face-a-son-portraitMain Cast…

Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray

Colin Firth as Lord Henry Wotton

Rebecca Hall as Emily Wotton

Ben Chaplin as Basil Hallward

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Sibyl Vane

Johnny Harris as James “Jim” Vane

It’s really hard to place other characters as part of the main cast aside from Barnes and Firth who appear from beginning to end. The art direction is absolutely gorgeous and reflects the gothic Victorian atmosphere of Wilde’s original novel. I loved seeing the story retold as a whole, but I could do without a lot of the portrayals of the hedonist sexual activities that Dorian engages in as he descends deeper and deeper into, well, hell.


I realized I kept fangirling over Ben Barnes as a celebrity, rather than Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray. He does make an extraordinary dashing Victorian Englishman however I found it really hard to detach his image from his role as Prince Caspian. I really wanted to see more evocative acting especially during Dorian’s most morally conflicting moments. As a fan of Ben Barnes, he wasn’t hard to look at throughout the film since he doesn’t age nor does he injure or scar from any of his wild nights but I would have liked to see more internal moral struggle versus all the kinky stuff he does in search for pleasure.

dorian-gray-pics-hd-ben-barnes-8952211-1365-2048Colin Firth was particularly interesting in his role as Henry Wotton. He really made me hate him when he was pressuring the young and innocent Dorian into opium dens and lavish parties. At the same time, Wotton’s transition from social party animal to hedonist poser living vicariously through Dorian to level-headed doting father in his later years really impressed me. Firth’s versatile acting makes his character one of the most intriguing figures of the movie.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, just on a surface level of enjoyment, it was a nice interlude from my usual anime series and the Chinese dramas that I’m use to. I normally don’t watch movies a lot because I like getting to know characters through an extended period of episodes and events rather than have their entire life told to me in the span of about two hours. As a result, I’m not usually up to date with the whole movie scene and what’s trending in cinemas and box offices.

– Cloudy

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