Makai Ouji Episode 8 Review

A very exciting and densely packed episode, to say the least. It begins with a descent of an angel in the presence of Pastor Kevin Cecil/Uriel. In terms of main plot development, I suspect this episode is a major turning … Continue reading

Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 7 Review

Finally, a little over the halfway point of the series, the demons in hell are starting to stir up some trouble. Duke Ballberith, Sytry’s uncle is targeting the Solomon. Though all the demons are attracted to Solomon, not all of … Continue reading

Makai Ouji – Devils and Realist Episode 5 Review

First off, I want to say that this episode was a really refreshing interlude from the demon politics race of hell that we’ve been introduced into. Though William’s been pursued by demons from all over hell, he’s still completely focused … Continue reading

Makai Ouji Devils & Realist Episode 4 Review

 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds  Kevin Cecil, the butler, seems to be taking his job as a pastor quite seriously, distancing himself from William and his personal matters. Dantalion continues to keep familiars on Will to keep him safe. We’re introduced to … Continue reading