Okonomiyaki in Akihabara

DSC_0817Two years ago when I went to Japan with my parents, we were walking around Ikebukuro and we couldn’t find any place to eat. We stumbled upon a cute little local okonomiyaki restaurant… we didn’t even know what okonomiyaki was! We knew no Japanese and the waiters, waitresses and manager did not know any English. With some random stirring and a lot of staring at the table next to us, we figured it out!

Of course, when we went to Japan this time we had to hit up a big okonomiyaki restaurant with ALL the works! If you’re at Akihabara and you cross under the tunnel adjacent to the station, there’s a tall building with several floors, one of which is dedicated to food. There are a variety of restaurants but I had my heart set on okonomiyaki.

DSC_0863For those of you have never heard of okonomiyaki. Okonomiyak is a sort of Japanese pancake consisting of a selection of meats and vegetables. Okonomi means “what you like” and yaki means “cooked.” Basically, you start off with a batter consisting of egg and yam, you can choose what you’d like to have in it before mixing it all together and throwing it onto the grill. You can also have okonomiyaki with yakisoba (fried noodles) mixed into it; recipes and ingredients will vary depending on where you are.


I did prior research to my trip and Fugetsu had many positive remarks. I’m glad to say that they didn’t disappoint. For first time okonomiyaki eaters, Fugetsu is a really great restaurant to start because there are English menus, the staff know limited English and a waiter actually makes the okonomiyaki for you as you watch and take photos with your little tourist-chic camera. The service is probably one of the best parts of the dining experience. There’s always someone checking up on you and your food to make sure it’s cooking properly. As well, there’s a button to call for service as the restaurant gets pretty loud and rowdy.

The few desserts they offer are also super tasty and cute. We had frozen cream-filled strawberries and mini chocolate truffle cakes.

DSC_0886 DSC_0882

If you’re in Electric Town Akihabara and you’ve shopped till the late hours, Fugetsu is a great place for some fun Japanese cuisine!

Thank you guys for reading and bon appetite!

– Cloudy

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5 Reasons Why You Should Read Manga or Watch Anime

Warning: A lot of anime/manga references below 😉


Host_Club_26_RAW[FINAL] 0961) The Story

All books, television series and movies are similar visual stimulants and forms of entertainment. We read manga because we love the world and we relate to the characters. The author/artist/director takes us on an amazing journey through the eyes of a handful of intriguing individuals. You experience emotions and events we may never experience in real life, whether embarking on a quest in feudal Japan for the shards of the Shikon Jewel or checking into the music room to request a Tamaki as your host, you’re drawn into a world of your choosing.


2) Japanese Culture


dij7dej6Face it, you wouldn’t know that –chan goes after a close female friend’s name and –kun goes after a close male friend’s name without manga… and how would you know how to call someone an idiot in Japanese? Have you ever tried okonomiyaki or sat in at a ramen shop? Despite the varying worlds according to each series, various Japanese elements are incorporated into the story. It’s a great way to learn of the various customs, traditions and festivals that Japan has to offer. Almost always, slice-of-life romantic comedy or shojo series takes place in your regular Tokyo, or in the case of Durarara! – Ikebukuro… though I hope the real Ikebukuro isn’t as crazy…Durarara-usual-suspects-pose

3) Escape Mechanism


Nine out of ten times, we read manga and watch anime to escape from our world. Who wants to be an average struggling freshman in university when you can be GOD like Suzumiya Haruhi. When you’ve failed a test at school or you’ve had a crappy day, Sebastian is always waiting with a specialty teas and a new dessert for you when you get home. ❤


4) The Art

clannad.pngI absolutely adore the wide-range of styles of each unique artist in each genre. I own quite few artbooks for this reason (leaving me broke after every convention) but it’s absolutely worth it. Like every art form, a manga’s art and layout reflects the mood of the story as well as the skill and style. Many readers or viewers will not even tolerate the story without first appreciating the art. How can you watch the anime or read the manga when the visuals are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye?


649 - izumi_konata lucky_star moe wallpaper5) A Whole New World

Yes, the title of this reason sounds cheesy, but anime and manga lovers relate to each other on a completely different level, a whole new scale of craziness and a unique set of lingo involving moe and kawaii and GLOMP! Anime and hobbyist conventions are the best ways to meet new people into the same interests as you are, share what you know and fangirl over the same hot guy… and isn’t fan-girling one of the best parts of being an anime/manga lover?


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– Cloudy

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