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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Recap Ep 1-5

Are you as excited as I am about How I Met Your Mother Season 8?!?!? We’re getting closer and closer to finding out who Ted’s bride is going to be… but before all that, Barney and Robin’s loose ends are being tied up (or rather, tied down) and reconciled with. The main plot of Season 8 picks up immediately where Season 7 stopped off, with Barney and Robin’s engagement. It has been two weeks since the latest episode 20: Time Travellers and it will be another two weeks before episode 21: Romeward Bound is released so for those of you who might have forgotten what the heck is going on, I’m here to give you a recap and review of the season thus far…


Episode 1 – Farhampton: The episode begins with both Barney and Robin panicking on their wedding day. Robin wonders out loud whether it would be difficult to climb out the window of her suite escape, to which Ted remarks, “Climbing out’s easy, climbing in’s the real challenge.” The story flashbacks to May of 2012… At this point, Marshall and Lily are happy with Marvin learning to cope as new sleep-deprived parents while Barney is happily engaged to Quinn (the stripper), leaving Robin awkwardly single. While planning the wedding, Barney and Quinn try to reconcile Barney and Robin’s relationship history… in the end it is revealed that Robin is a dating a hot guy named Nick. His level of hotness actually dispels Quinn’s insecurities about Robin and Barney’s past. Meanwhile, Ted has decided to call up Victoria, and ends up almost eloping with her. Upon discovering that she has not left a note for her fiancée, the pair drive back in a crazy endeavour to plant the note in Victoria’s suite (the same one Robin is in during the flash-forward), to which he bumps into Victoria’s German fiancée Klaus who also happens to be sneaking away from the wedding and catches him at Farhampton station. The two of them have a heart to heart leading Ted to reflect on his feelings for Victoria. At the same time, Barney has given Robin a key to a storage unit that holds a box of all their memories together. The episode ends with a teaser of “the mother” stopping at the Farhampton station under a yellow umbrella, the same umbrella we know that Ted happened upon at the St. Patrick’s Day party and the same one he left/returned at Cindy’s place when he dated her.


Episode 2 – The Pre-Nup: This episode begins with the summer of 2012 where everyone was happily in a couple: Lily and Marshall, Ted and Victoria, Robin and Nick, Barney and Quinn. It is October of that same year that heralds the Autumn of Breakouts is where the action really begins. Barney, newly engaged to Quinn is advised by a co-worker to get a pre-nup. A series of fights break out when the guys and girls of each relationship take sides, using Barney and Quinn’s pre-nup battle to vent about their own relationship problems. The episode ends with Barney and Quinn recognizing their mutual trust issues and decide to break off the engagement.




Episode 3 – Nannies: Barney, having broken off his engagement with Quinn, celebrates Bangtoberfest upon reverting to single status. Lily’s father: Mickey shows up unannounced to Marshall and Lily’s apartment. Lily is about to go back to work as a kindergarten teacher and the couple are struggling to find a proper nanny to which Barney takes advantage of with his own nanny-search to bang single girls. On the side, Ted and Robin are competing in terms of relationships and come to the conclusion that both their significant others are completely wrong for them… but seeing Barney’s drastic reaction to his break-up decide to stick it out. After a series of events, Lily and Marshall find out that Mickey is in fact the perfect nanny for Marvin.  Lily and her father have a long talk about her childhood and their relationship is reconciled. The episode ends with a beautiful slideshow of photos of Marvin’s childhood where Mickey, Lily and Marshall are ever present.

Episode 4 – Who Wants to be a Godparent?: When Lily and Marshall find a nanny for Marvin, they’re finally available for some free time with friends.  Ted, Robin and Barney hesitate to rant about their personal lives as Marshall and Lily’s new rule is that the three aren’t allowed to consult the couple unless the issue is an eight or higher. Ted, Robin and Barney decide to handle their problems aside. Marshall and Lily experience parental anxiety away from Marvin and start to worry about Marvin’s guardianship should anything happen to them. They begin writing a will and are required to choose a godparent. Ted, Robin and Barney compete for the position. Marshall and Lily host an official competition “Who Wants to be a Godparent?” to decide the best guardian. In the end, Marshall and Lily scold their friends for not understanding parenthood. The three point out that Marshall and Lily have neglected their friendship and Marshall and Lily points out their change in lifestyle because of Marvin. In the end, Lily and Marshall come to realize that they’ve been crappy friends lately and make up with the rest of the gang. Their final decision is that they are going to revoke the eight or higher rule and Ted, Robin and Barney all get to be co-guardians.

tumblr_mc451oSpPX1r11goho1_500Who Wants To Be A Godparent?

Episode 5 – The Autumn of Breakups: Ted has commitment problems with Victoria. Lily is training Marshall to be a great advice-giver like her. Barney finds a dog to be his new bro. Robin and Nick are trying to cope with how much Robin invests in her friendships with Barney and Ted. Victoria continues to drop nuptial hints to an oblivious Ted. We find out that Nick has a cooking show and is trying to figure out a signature cooking catchphrase. Robin invites Barney to dinner with her and Nick, he brings his dog, Brover. Marshall channels his inner goddess and has a southern belle trance-like experience where he preaches to Ted about his relationship. Later, when Barney gets a call from Brover’s rightful owner, he attempt to commit suicide (somewhat comedically). Ted proposes to Victoria and she agrees on the condition that he stops seeing Robin. Robin worries about Barney’s separation with Brover. Ted consults Marshall and Lily. Marshall says Victoria is being unreasonable but Lily sees Victoria’s point. It is revealed that Marshall has been giving horrible advice on his own. Robin goes with Barney to return Brover. Robin returns to Nick’s place where she gets a text from Ted. In the end, Ted chooses his friendship with Robin over Victoria and they break up.Lily believes that Robin will be touched that he chose her over Victoria but he makes Lily and Marshall promise to keep the reason for his breakup as a secret.How.I.Met.Your.Mother.S08E05.P-2

Hopefully, this helped you get through a bit of your How I Met Your Mother depravity. If not, maybe go out and have a few beers, or play some laser-tag. Episodes 6-10 to come soon!

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