Strobe Edge Full Series Review and Last Thoughts

When I recently picked up and finished the officially translated version of Strobe Edge Volume 9, it left me in one of those really bad awkward cliffhanger moments… and usually I’m really good with those because I have enough patience … Continue reading

Strobe Edge Volume 7 Review

Volume 7 features Sayuri on the cover and she is SO PRETTY!! She’s instantly recognizeable and the book itself is printed in such a way that you don’t see a lot of scratches on the cover nor wear and tear … Continue reading

Strobe Edge Volume 6 Review

Let’s start with the cover. This is the second volume cover featuring Ren. In one of Io Sakisaka’s mini insert notes between the chapters, she tells us that she slightly altered the look of Ren’s hair to make him easier … Continue reading

Strobe Edge Volume 5 Review

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to share my Strobe Edge Volume 5 review with you guys because it feels like, and probably has been months since the last volume came out. I finally got my hands on the manga today, … Continue reading