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InnisbrookHey guys, how are you all? Today I wanted to share with you guys tons of pictures of my trip across Europe. I took a trip with Contiki tours which is an organized tour for individuals between the ages of eighteen or thirty-five. The trip was really spectacular. I went from London to Amsterdam, Rhine Valley, Munich, Innisbrook, Hopfgarten, Venice, Rome, Florence, Paris and back to London again… ALL IN TEN DAYS. Really this was one of the most life changing trips I’ve ever taken. I really didn’t take any pictures in London because I’ve been to the city so many times but here are some highlights from my trip.

My favourite city of the entire trip is definitely Venice with Florence being a close second. I just love how the cities are so warm and exciting. Venice was a dream, really. And we really didn’t get to spend enough time in Florence because we were literally there for less than a day and then quickly hopped back onto the coach bus for France. Rome had been one of my most looked-forward-to destinations but in general the city didn’t live up to the dreamy expectations I had had in my Latin and ancient history studies. The highlight of Amsterdam was the Anne Frank Museum and later in Germany, we took a detour into a concentration camp in Dachau which was a really eye-opening and humbling visit for me. Innisbrook and Hopfgarten were the coziest and sleepiest towns I’d ever been in. We were literally whispering on the streets because of how tight-knit the community was. My favourite part of Rhine Valley was the wine tasting because their white wines and ice wine was just absolutely A-MA-ZING.

On the bus >v<France though was probably one of the most hectic days for me. The night we arrived in Paris, we headed to the Eiffel Tower, went all the way to the top, checked off my bucket list and then ran down EVERY SINGLE STEP back to the coach bus cause we thought we wouldn’t make it in time hahaha. The next morning, my travel buddies and I woke up extra early to get into the city by seven. Since the Metro is so convenient, we got into the Notre Dame on Easter Sunday which was really wonderful. Next stop, I headed to the Louvre while my friends headed shopping. Then over to Angelina’s for some delicious brunch and (famous) hot chocolate of course. Finally, we walked down the Champs-Elysees and hiked up to the Arc de Triomphe. The entire trip ended with a fabulous night at Moulin Rouge with singing, dancing, good food and good wine. All in all, it was an absolutely magical and fantastic trip. If you guys get the chance you should definitely take a tour with Contiki cause it’s a great way to meet new and diverse people from all over the world.

These are just some of my main highlights from the memories on my trip. Hopefully in the next week or so I can skim through my travel video clips and put together one or two vlogs to share on my channel. Till then, I hope you guys enjoy some of these pictures =)

Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Munich in Germany, Innisbrook and Hopfgarten Austria…

Venice, Rome and Florence in Italy…

Paris, France…

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Ep 21-23 Recap

Hi everyone! We’re back with more How I Met Your Mother. They packed A LOT of action and plot development into these three episodes and a also a lot of heart. The season finale airs on May 13 and I couldn’t be more excited! With Barney and Robin’s wedding nearing, Ted and his future wife are being pulled closer and  closer by the hands of fate. Let’s see what happens so far!

CaptureEpisode 21 – Romeward Bound- Life’s getting good for Lily and Marshall. Lily was making a name as an art consultant and Marshall was a superstar environmental lawyer until one day, the Captain’s offer to move to Rome tips the balance in their lives. Ted spots a girl from her yoga class who has a RIDONKULOUS body. However, this girl has a tendency to wear a giant winter jacket even in high temperature bars (cough* thanks Barney). Ted and Barney spend the duration of the episode trying to figure out eventually coercing Robin into their schemes after Robin reveals yoga class girl- Liddy as their wedding planner. Lily struggles with the decision to move to Rome and how to tell Marshall. When Marshall hangs up on Lily due to his work at the law firm, she realizes that he might become existentially miserable in life at home with baby Marvin as Lily focuses on her art career. Lily first decides to turn the offer from the Captain. Being unemployed, Lily visits Marshall at work and discovers that the office has been going downhill since the Gruber Pharmaceutical Case. When Lily confesses of her decision to turn down the Captain’s offer, Marshall rushes out to convince the Captain to give her another chance. Back at the bar, it’s Robin’s obsession with Liddy under the coat reinforces Barney’s love for her.



lidRobin encourages Ted to ask Liddy out, but he tells them that the sight of her body in yoga class was “just too much.” That it was “a body that would melt a Nazi’s face.” Barney points out that if Marshall was here, his male pheremonal stink free tone could innocently ask Liddy to take her coat off because of Marshall’s unconditional devotion to one woman. Robin points out that Barney is in the same position as Marshall and asks Liddy to take off her jacket, revealing to the couple that her body was RIDONKULOUS. The captain calls Lily again at their apartment and she turns him down again. Barney, Robin and Ted are shocked. Lily confesses that she is afraid of utterly failing in Rome. Ted advises Barney not to be speak so freely about other single women in front of Robin and Barney calls out Ted on this, speaking rather aggressively and protectively. Marshall and Lily have a heart-to-heart about Rome. It’s sweet and touching how much Marshall and Lily understand each other even as Marshall says the same sentence over and over again in Italian. They make the final decision to move! Yay! When Barney returns to his apartment, he finds Robin in a giant jacket ready to seduce him.






felEpisode 22 – Bro Mitzvah- “Kids, this is the story of the night Barney’s life completely fell apart.” This episode is about Robin’s play to give Barney the best bachelor party ever. It begins with Barney and Robin preparing for a dinner with Barney’s mom. When Barney goes to drop off their wedding deposit, he gets kidnapped by Marshall and Ted for his surprise bachelor party. It turns out that three weeks earlier, Barney points out that Marshall, Ted and Robin would not and cannot plan good bachelor parties, saying that they will disappoint them but asking them to try their best. Marshall and Ted take Barney to a hotel outside Atlantic City because of his addiction to one Chinese gambling game.


phoihiuFlashback to ten months ago when Barney was engaged to Quinn; at the bar, he presents the Brorah that shows the gang every awesome thing to have at a bachelor party. Marshall and Ted brings a clown to the party. Robin realizes that Barney has told his mother that Robin is virgin. Lily appears at the bachelor party to deliver another of Barney’s bachelor party requests, the Karate Kid (Ralph Macchio) who Barney hates because he misinterprets every movie he watches. Ted points out that Ralph Macchio and Barney are a lot alike. Then the stripper arrives… and it turns out to be Quinn (OUCH). Quinn is hurt and disappointed when she finds out that Barney is engaged to Robin. She agrees to strip for everyone except Barney. Robin calls Barney as Barney’s mother has gotten drunk at the restaurant. Barney gets disappointed at his bachelor party and drives everyone back to the party. Ralph Macchio goads Barney into gambling at Atlantic City. He ends up losing 80 000 dollars. On the drive back, Barney reveals to Lily that he used Marshall as credit for money.





wgeTed gets angry about Barney for caring about the good times more than the friends. Robin meets Barney at the entrance of their apartment building confronts Barney for abandoning her on the worst night of her life. Robin is furious at Barney for having Quinn as their stripper and breaks off the engagement. Then after Robin walks away, she calls Ted and tells him that they are right on schedule, squealing with Quinn in delight as they meet up. The gang brainstormed a play called “The Barney” to give Barney the worst night of his life which ends with Marshall having his hand chopped off by the Chinese mobsters (gets a little bloody) before the mobsters drag Barney back up to his apartment and surprises him. He looks almost enraged, but then he calls the night AWESOME and hugs Robin who planned out every detail. Barney points out that they didn’t get everything on the list because of Ralph Macchio. The clown reveals himself to be William Zabka, which completely Barney’s perfect bachelor party.



himym_clip_050213a_640x480_28816451588Episode 23 – Something Old-
The episode begins with Robin in her 1994 when her father has brought her to New York on a father-son bonding trip. In Central Park, Robin secretly buries a locket to be her “something old” on her wedding day in the future. Flashing into the present, Robin and her father have arrived at Central Park intending to find the locket but Robin Sr. gets called to laser tag to bond with his new son and Robin is left to search for her locket on her own. At the same time, Lily and Marshall are preparing for  their trip to Italy by packing what they need and tossing out what they don’t to the Burmuda Triangle, the sidewalk just outside their apartment where things mysteriously disappear. They enlist Ted’s help in the process but when Ted’s bias for keeping their memories gets in the way, the three dispute over the decision to throw out or keep their first bean-bag chair in the apartment. Barney and Robin Sr. bond over laser tag and over a dispute to be Point Guy on their team, they split ways and wage laser tag war on each other. Robin continues to frantically dig for the locket in Central Park. Lily and Marshall trick Ted out of the house to get rid of the beanbag chair. Everyone seems too busy to help Robin. When Ted finally decides to let go of his little obsession with the beanbag chair and the past, he heads off to their interview. It was sweet and nostalgic to see the flashback of Ted, Marshall and Lily in their first days in the apartment with the beanbag chair that was their single piece of furniture.


“Kids, you can’t cling to the past because no matter how tightly you hold on, it’s already gone.”


nahRobin finally calls Ted to ask for his help but refrains from doing so when he tells her that he has a big meeting (an interview for another possible building). Ted ends up missing the interview to find Robin at the park. Despite Robin’s “Nah, it’s stupid” phrase, Ted knows that it’s Robinese for “It’s important.” Robin points out that she didn’t need to tell Ted what was bothering her but he came, whereas Barney was off playing laser tag. She then confesses her doubts about the wedding due to her inability to find the locket she buried years ago. When she finally finds the box, but the locket is gone, she believes it to be a sign from the universe confirming her fears about marrying Barney.

jpegAt laser tag when Barney and Robin Sr. make up, they go back to terrorizing the other laser tag players. Marshall and Lily text Ted a photo of them and the beanbag chair; Ted finally asks them to throw it out. Robin points out that Ted is “universe guy” who looks for signs everywhere and Ted tells Robin that she is “skeptic girl’ so she shouldn’t believe in such nonsense. It starts to rain and Ted continues to persuade Robin that she is doing the right thing by marrying Barney.


“Maybe there aren’t any signs. Maybe a locket’s just a locket; a chair’s just a chair. Maybe we don’t have to give meaning to every little thing. Maybe we don’t need the universe to tell us what we really want, maybe we know that, deep down.”


Robin holds Ted’s hand as the rain lets off a little… and the episode ends.


I am seriously going to have a conniption if the Ted and Robin stuff comes up again. I hope it doesn’t, because I truly believe that Ted and Robin are perfect for each other. The season finale must round back to the beginning so I’m really curious as to see what happens…

– Cloudy

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