Super Junior KRY – Point of No Return (Romanized Lyrics)

Hey guys, how are you all? Earlier this week I published the romanized lyrics for Super Junior KRY’s latest title song, “Join Hands.” Today I wanted to bring you guys the lyrics for track B of the album release called … Continue reading

Super Junior KRY – Join Hands (Romanized Lyrics)

Hey guys how are you?? Today the full version of a new Japanese song called “Join Hands” just released. It’s sung by a sub-unit with members from a Korean boy band called Super Junior. Super Junior KRY is made up of three … Continue reading

SHINee – Your Number Lyrics (Romaji and Kanji)

Hello everybody!! Today I’m back with another song transliteration for SHINee’s most recent Japanese single, Your Number. I decided to upload this particular post today because it’s SHINee’s official Seventh Anniversary!! WHOOOO #7YearsWithSHINee <333 As such, I am really proud … Continue reading

SHINee – LOVE Romaji Lyrics

Hey guys, so today I wanted to share with you all one of the first set of lyrics I’ve ever done for a song. If you don’t know from my Youtube channel already, I’m a huge fan of k-pop and … Continue reading

Zhou Mi (周覓) @ APM

Hey guys! I’ve got a real treat for you Super Junior M fans today!

super junior-m break down mv 7b

Some of you might have read from some of my posts that I am currently in Hong Kong. Well… dropping by the APM Mall in Kwun Tong, I managed to catch some photos of Zhou Mi (周覓) from Super Junior M participating in the Thai Perfect Book Sign Event. We got to see the music video for Break Down on the big screen as well as hear Zhou Mi personally sing Distant Embrace(距離的擁抱) to us… Some of the photos are a little blurry as I only had my tiny little point and shoot with me but here are a few that turned out fairly well! Hope you guys enjoy!

– Cloudy

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