Top 5 Jay Chou Songs

Jay Chou2I am a really big Jay Chou fan and I usually listen to a his songs when I’m studying or on the go because here’s literally a Jay Chou song for every occasion; anytime I tune into the depth and imagery of his lyrics or I tune out, for he mere melody and sounds of the song, I’m struck by what a talented and versatile artist he is.

Jay Chou is most definitely without a doubt if I had to choose one artist to listen to for the rest of my life my favourite artist ever (or at least, in the Mandopop music scene). Now, Jay Chou has a lot of albums- and I mean a LOT but whether you’re a diehard Jay Chou forever fan or just starting to get into his music today, you’ll find that there seems to be that one album that speaks to you most profoundly.  For me, that was November’s Chopin.

Jay Chou’s music falls anywhere from slow and meaningful ballads to fast paced R&B amalgamated with catchy beats and many times, European orchestral sounds or classic ancient Chinese instrumentals. It’s for this unique and utterly signature style of music that allows a listener to instantly identify Jay songs amidst a playlist or on the radio. It’s impossible to zone out of his songs entirely because he just doesn’t let you. Almost every song holds its own individual story within the overarching theme of the album. For example, Jay’s album Dragon Rider aims to evoke the aesthetic and mysticism behind Chinese astronomy and horoscopes while his more recent 2011 album Exclamation Mark aims at lighter and more outspoken styles to evoke the cartoonist style as portrayed from his album art. Speaking of which, for those of you who collect his albums, you’ll find out that placing the CDs side by side will showcase the diversity of his music throughout his development as an artist.

Curse of the Golden Flower

Today I really to share with you guys my top 5 all time favourite Jay Chou songs that I never ever get tired of.

5) 菊花台Chrysanthemum Terrace from Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) and included in Still Fantasy (2006) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang] – Saw the movie as a kid and thought it was kinda weird but Jay was pretty cool and the song is a beautiful addition to the atmosphere of the story and the symbolism of chrysanthemums.

Jay Chou - Still Fantasy4) 千里之外Faraway ft. Fei Yu Ching from Still Fantasy (2006) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- This is my favourite duet of all the duets Jay’s ever sung with other artists. It’s not like his usual style but the song is really catchy and carefree, evoking sentiments of nostalgia through its wistful lyrics and vocals.

Jay Chou - November's Chopin3) 髮如雪Hair like Snow from November’s Chopin (2005) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- My favourite song on November Chopin which was the first Jay Chou album I ever got. I love the music style of the album as a whole and it’s the romantic vocals that get me in the song.

Jay Chou - Capricorn2) 蘭亭序Orchid Pavilion from Capricorn (2008) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- I love the story and meaning behind the lyrics of this song. It’s the metaphors and the imagery in conjunction with the use of Chinese instrumentals in order to bring out a visual and auditory landscape in the listener’s mind that places this song so high on my list.

??????????????1) 青花瓷 Blue and White Porcelain from On the Run (2007) [Music by Jay Chou, Lyrics by Vincent Fang]- I first heard this song a few years ago when I bought Jay’s On the Run album. I love it so much because it tells the story of a painter reminiscing as he paints; every line of poetry and every brush stroke of the lady’s porcelain portrait reminding him of a distant love.

Hope you guys liked this post and if you’re a Jay Chou fan as well, comment below on your favourite songs! You can never get enough of his music and I’ve been gradually collecting all his albums over the years. Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys soon!

– Cloudy

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Top 5 Worst– What? ~On Negative Blogging and Lists

Suzumiya Haruhi

Sword Art Online - Asuna

Hey guys, today I wanted to do a post on this topic of negative blogging or really pessimistic and just sometimes outright mean reviews. I don’t usually think of lists in terms of bag anime and I usually like to write about what I love so you probably won’t get anything like “Top 5 Worst Shojo” or Top 10 Worst Anime Ever” lists. Here are some other reasons….

First of all, there are tons of people out there have different tastes as you or me. We all watch anime for different reasons so storyline, style of critique or simply personal preference, will all determine whether we thumbs up or thumbs down a series. A big anime that usually has people shaking their heads disapprovingly or jumping up and down like a fangirl, is Sword Art Online. There are your hardcore Kirito X Asuna and Yui fans; then there are the ones who bash everything about it.

2009writing_62115172Although I am a reviewer and have a tendency to critique shows, ultimately it’s not for me to judge what people should or shouldn’t watch. I’m here to give input on what I believe are the good aspects of the show as well as the points that could be improved but at the end of the day I’m still a viewer and a fan just like you guys. I’m human, I fangirl, I’m biased. Bias is something that no one will ever get away from whenever we’re expressing some opinion or critique (as objective as we try to make it). As well, preference for genres are a big one, whether you’re comfortable with Shojo or Shonen, Josei or Seinen, Yaoi or Yuri and everything in between anything, the overarching target audience genres and their individual styles and sub-categories will determine what your likes or dislikes lean to. However, that is not to say that we’re confined within genres. Often people debate over what anime falls under which. I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Genres give you a good general outline as to whether or not you should look into the anime or not. For example if you search up a show on the internet and see “horror, supernatural and thriller” when you’re usually use to “slice-of-life, high school and moe,” the dark mind-tricky bloody ones might not be your cup of tea. You’ll probably know from the art from posters or promotional images as well but I digress…



Whenever I read a review that’s all negative critiques and angry over internet screaming, I’m immediately turned off by the reviewer. Not because I don’t respect his critique or opinion, but I feel like I’m being yelled at. Cap Locks really pack a punch don’t they? LOLLLL and then if it’s a show I like, I’m tempted to comment and argue about it and conflict is never good [unless it’s the Asahina brotherly kind ;)]

Furthermore,There is a huge difference between negative and critical… You can be both negative and critical but you can’t be overly emotionally negative and claim that you’re still being objectively critical when you’re making incoherent sounds over your video review or flipping virtual tables in your audience’s faces.

I don’t really see myself as a negative person in general. When I see producers do a horrible plot change or rip apart a character’s life (and subsequently, our hearts), I try to think rationally about why the writers did what they did before I mourn the death of my favourite character or anime, for that matter. I once read a trilogy where all the heroes slowly died one by one till they all became legends at the end of the series, totally ripped my heart out, but I digress again…

BakemonogatariThis is just my opinion on negative lists. I am certain that there are some really well researched lists for series that you REALLY shouldn’t watch.

I hope this shed some insight on blogging and reviewing. At the end of the day, watch what you want to watch. A really good friend of mine once told me that just because someone says something is over-rated doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a chance. Like what you like, dislike what you dislike. Give every anime a chance and be proud of your favourite!! Happy watching!

– Cloudy

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