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Amnesia (the Visual Novel) Fandom

Hi everyone! I thought I’d do a quickie post before bed.


I wanted to share with you all today my little collection of Amensia mini figure keychains that I’ve been collecting for a while now. I have Shin from the Hearts route, Kent from the Clovers route, Toma from the Diamond route and Ukyo from the Joker route. I keep rolling Gatchapon in an attempt to get Ikki but instead I got doubles of both Shin and Kent. But anyway, here is my set so far, hopefully I can get my hands on Ikki soon and complete my collection.

Speaking of Amnesia… I did come across these in Japan…

I swear I took like ten photos hugging Shin in ten different ways. As chill as my dad is with my otaku-ness, he probably thought I was insane.

I hope you girls liked this post. Don’t forget to hit like if you want more of these and comment below on your favourite character from Amnesia >///<

– Cloudy

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