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First of all, for everyone who has assignments and exams soon, GANBATTE AND GOOD LUCK!! FIGHTO!!!!

Sleep, Eat, Study, Exam, right? ( ´_ゝ`)

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Overall, I just wanted to let you guys know that the reason I’ve seen off the blogosphere for a while is because of school stuff OTL I’m a fairly organized person and I don’t procrastinate much unless I’m following the end of a series that’s REALLY GOOD in which case, I stop everything in my life for it, but university work is a completely otherworldly load of work that’s completely unmanageable especially when we get into these last few weeks of November when it’s essay season. (I know, I still have to review Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, I’m getting lots of pressure from friends to do that – and I will get to it! I hope…)

Now here’s a list of everything that you’ll see in the following weeks… they’ll more or less be out soon…

Anime Reviews

– Kill La Kill Episode 8-9 rant

– Diabolik Lovers Episode 9-10 rant and review

– Log Horizon Episode 7-8 rant

– Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 9 review

– Tokyo Ravens Episode 7 review

^As always, these series are ongoing^ if you guys have any anime series you would like to see reviews of, post in the comments and I’ll definitely find time to do a first impressions review of them during the holidays. If you guys want to see last week’s posts please check out these links

Kill La Kill Ep 6-7 Rant, Diabolik Lovers Ep 7-8 Rant and Review, Log Horizon Ep 5-6 Rant, Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 8 Review, Tokyo Ravens Ep 5-6 Review

Manga Review

– Barajou no Kiss/Kiss of the Rose Princess First Impressions

– Full Vampire Knight Series Review

– Olympos (Stand Alone) Review

– Stray Love Hearts First Impressions

And as always, I like to keep my Light Otaku Living posts a secret and the Out of the Box specials a surprise 😉 Thanks for dropping in even though you’re super busy follower, and if you’re a new viewer, welcome and I hope you enjoy what I’ve posted! (´ω`*)

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5 Scare-your-ass-off Animes for Halloween

Hey guys, have you all thought of some Halloween plans? Pumpkin carving? Trick-or treating? Or perhaps scaring innocent little trick-or-treaters that happen to pass by your house? I’m not a super big fan of scary animes because I can’t watch them alone past six… and even during the day, it makes me super paranoid in the house after seeing scary stuff. But here are my five spooky selections for this Halloween…

when-they-cry---higurashi-52584e7ab38ef5) Higurashi: When They Cry- Up first is a supernatural, horror, murder mystery anime originally based off a game. There are a bunch of different arcs to the anime so you can either marathon this all night and go in order or find a buddy who’ already seen this entire series to guide you through to the best parts. It takes place in the year 1983 in a village called Hinamizawa. Everything seems well and fine until the day of the annual Watanagashi Festival where one person is always murdered and another goes missing… If you decide to spend Halloween on your own hiding from crazy teenage party-goers and screaming tricker-treaters, check out the Higurashi manga as well as the Umineko manga created by the same author or play the games in the dark!

Another-poster4) Another– Interestingly enough, the novel of which this anime was originally based off of was published on October 29 in 2009, very close to Halloween. It takes place in a high school called Yomiyama Middle School… but prepare yourselves. The series revolves around a boy named Koichi Sakakibara and winds up in a freaky horror mystery that leads to the gruesome deaths of many of his fellow students…

Elfenlied3) Elfen Lied- Looks innocent on the cover of the manga and Lucy at first glance BUT it gets pretty gory. Despite the romance and fantasy aspect, there’s a lot of psychological stuff and horror throughout the story. The title actually means Elf Song and takes place in Kamakura, Japan. The show really goes into themes of prejudice, alienation, violence and social conflict between the humans and the Diclonius species (genetically mutated creatures that resemble humans)

FutureDiary_1c_cvr.indd2) Mirai Nikki: Future Diary- One of the most popular animes out there. You’ve probably encountered this series or art somewhere on the internet with the wonderfully charming pink haired girl with the sky blue uniform and the undying devoted stalker murderer buddy. All joking aside, if you’ve really never heard of Future Diary, it’s about a boy named Yuki Amano who spends WAY too much time writing a diary on his phone and talking to his imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina and Deus’ servant, Murmur. When Deus gives Yuki a diary regarding a game, Yuki is forced into a fight to the death with eleven other people who also have diaries, to become the new God of Time and Space. The girl mentioned earlier is Yuno Gasai, the famous Yandere, who ends up teaming up with Yuki… and obsessing her future happy ending of becoming one with him.

533718-deadman_bd_v_11) Deadman Wonderland- Written by Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou, the writer and illustrator of the Eureka Seven manga, this action, drama, sci-fi, psychological horror anime is another of the better known stories out there if you dabble in such genres. It begins with an earthquake that shakes up the country of Japan. Ganta Igarashi, a middle-schooler survives, but he finds himself with no recollection of the accident. A figure named the Red Man massacres his entire class but leaves him alive and embeds a shard of the red crystal in him. Being convicted for the deaths of his entire class, he’s sentenced to a giant prison called Deadman Wonderland that creepily resembles a sadistic amusement park… just wait till that Corpse Carnival.

Of course, classic shounen fans can re-watch Death Note. I didn’t include it in the list because it’s such a widely known anime, it’s considered one of the big mainstream ones. There’s also a wide selection of horror movies and classic vampire movies that you might personally want to watch or re-watch (like Vampire Hunter D). There are a lot of great horror-themed animes out there. Halloween just encourages us to watch them again 😉 I hope you guys have a great trick-or-treat night or cosplay anime party. Wherever you are, I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!!

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Introducing… Manga Versus Anime FIGHTO!

3aee6fd2c5e890_fullHave you guys ever had trouble deciding whether you should read the manga, watch the anime or both? Today I’m introducing a new segment called Manga versus Anime FIGHTO inspired by all the manga and anime all out wars disputes I end up witnessing.

Personally, I’m a little biased for manga since I personally prefer to cozy up to a series for hours just powering through chapter after chapter. However, I am aware that quite a few manga series are based on the anime (e.g. Puella Magica Madoka) . Today we’re reviewing the Vampire Knight series by Matsuri Hino and the anime adaptation of the story that spans two seasons.


6c7f6ddbd7e330_fullManga Rating: 4/5 happy clouds4 Clouds Transparent

When you pick up the manga, you know, in an instant that it’s shojo and girls, I’ll be honest, it’ll send ALL your guy friends running. Vampire Knight mainly takes place at Cross Academy, run by former vampire hunter Kaien Cross who’s also a pacifist that wants to bring together both vampires and humans in peace. He is the father of Yuki Cross and guardian to Zero Kiryu who are both students at the Academy. The school is divided into Day Class and Night Class; the former consisting of humans while the latter is composed of vampires who follow class president and pureblood vampire Kaname Kuran at the school. After settling into the initial world order and the characters’ interactions, the readers are thrown into a world of twisting politics and tragic backstories…



d257958dd63ca0_fullAnime Rating: 3/5 happy clouds 3 Clouds Transparent

The anime on the other hand, is much simpler than the manga and focuses on the first and second arc of the manga series. For this reason, we don’t see much of the strife between the vampires, the Senate and the vampire hunter society. The anime tells the story of Yuki’s mysterious past, how she became under the care of Kaien Cross and her connection to the other vampires (especially Kaname). At the same time, Zero’s story is unfolding, his childhood within the vampire hunter society as well as the incident that befell his family.

a316821d9a2e20_fullBecause the first and second arc take place quite quickly in the manga while the anime spans two seasons long. There isn’t as much comedic relief in the anime (of course, because it’s about vampires) and also the setting and mood of the story both convey mystery and suspense more than anything else. I have to admit that there were several times in the anime series where I did skip over several scenes that slowed down the rhythm of the storytelling. Other than the fact that the animation cleans up a lot of the detail of Matsuri Hino’s beautiful art style,  I was impressed at how much the storyline held true to its manga counterpart. I have to say, it’s much easier to tell shojo/bi-shojo characters apart when the anime gives them different coloured hair. (Even so, Idol and Wild are still a little hard to distinguish… but I love them anyway).

ee027036047280_fullnightI know some of you aren’t willing to relive the story (unless it’s an absolute favourite) which is why this segment will hopefully shed some insight on whether the manga or anime is better. But if you’re a strict anime-watcher or manga-reader, that’s cool too, find a friend who’s watched or read what you haven’t get their opinion on the anime or manga before you delve into a story.

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you guys liked this new segment and more posts will be coming soon!

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Anime & Manga Amazing Mothers!

Why we love them and why they rock…

mama2 Mama Higurashi from Inuyasha- Starting with a classic that everyone loves, Mama Higurashi must be one of the most understanding mothers in the world. She knows that Kagome risks her life in the feudal era yet she supports her daughter in any way possible whether it’s packing a giant yellow backpack full of rations, being present for Kagome through her emotional troubles or lying to the school about her daughter’s whereabouts and wellbeing. This is a mother who wants nothing more than her daughter’s happiness.

108448Junko Kaname from Magica Madoka- Appearing only for a handful of times through the short twelve-episodes, the anime mostly focuses on the interactions between the five magic girls. However, Junko’s role is rather significant as her wise words and warm affections influence Madoka’s decision to become a magic girl. She supports her Madoka’s endeavour to run to Homura’s aid despite the secrets that her daughter has been keeping from her. She and her husband raised Madoka to be a kind and compassionate person.


Juri Kuran from Vampire Knight- One of the prettiest and sweetest mothers I’ve ever encountered in anime and manga. A significant member of the pure-blood Kuran line, she stood by her husband even when her family was being targeted and sacrificed herself to seal her daughter’s vampire essence so Yuki could grow up safe as a human, protected from the vampire world.




minato-naruto-and-kushina-uzumaki-familyKushina Uzumaki from Naruto- Kushina Uzumaki grew up in a war-torn era and suffered the hardships of being the Nine-Tails host, however, she still became a courageous wife and loving mother to both her husband Minato, the fourth Hokage, and her son Naruto. She ultimately gave her life for her family and her village when she allowed the Nine-Tails to be sealed in her instead of her son because she didn’t want Naruto to grow up as a jinchuriki and an orphan. It’s cute how much Naruto and his mother are similar in personality and spirit.



Yukari Takara from Lucky Star- Like mother, like daughter; Miyuki Takara’s gentle but klutzy demeanour must come from her mother Yukari. She’s always cheerful and easygoing, sometimes being a little moe despite being a much older woman. She’s often mistaken for her daughter’s older sister and frequently teases Miyuki in an affectionate and adorable way.



Queen_SerenityQueen Serenity Sailor Moon- This Queen is not only mother of Princess Usagi/Serena by also mother of the moon who reigned during the Silver Millenium. She perished protecting her daughter through the destruction of the Moon Kingdom, praying that Usagi would have another chance at life and love. In the 20th century, she frequently appears to aid Sailor Moon in her times of struggle.


I hope you guys liked this anime spotlight. Whether in anime and manga or in real life, mothers are always the most supportive and loving figures in your life! Remember to shower your mom with lots of hugs and thank yous’ today =)

Special Mother’s Day shout-out to my mom! Thanks for always being there for me and being one of my first followers even though you don’t always approve of my obsessions… I love you very much! ❤

– Cloudy

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