MCM Birmingham Comicon 2014 HAUL!!!

MCM Comicon in Birmingham Day 2 (Casual Photography)

Here are the pictures from Day 2. Honestly, I liked these ones a lot more. I think there were more cosplayers on the second day and I wandered the big halls quite a bit to see which cosplayers were meeting up in groups… I really didn’t take that many pictures of myself because I was so busy running around getting footage for the vlog and checking out all the merch BUT I did get one memorable picture to commemorate my first convention as an official member of the press \^o^/ so I threw that picture in there too ;P

Part 1 of the pictures are here!

MCM Comicon in Birmingham Day 1 (Casual Photography)

MCM Birmingham Comicon Day 1 (94)I LOVED the venue that this con took place at and the cosplayers were really incredible. My only problem is that the exhibition rooms are half-lit by skylights and as the day wears on, the light gets progressively worse. There is artificial lighting to compensate but it usually comes off with a nasty yellow-orange wash that you really don’t want on your photos. Did quite a bit of photoshop work on this batch of pictures but kept it low-key and causal nonetheless.These pictures encompass not only the majority of cosplayers I bumped into but also contains some shots of the con itself.

To check out the VLOG for MCM on Day 1, click here

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