Rokka no Yusha Episode 12 Recap and Review

Rating: ­4/5 curious clouds Just as the group turns on Maura, Chamot and Hans reveal a set of spare tools to activate the barrier of fog around the forest. One tablet is a replica of the one on the alter … Continue reading

Rokka no Yusha Episode 11 Recap and Thoughts

You gotta give it to Adlet for sticking it out this long. I don’t know if he’s actually the strongest man in the world but he’s definitely the craziest one. Although we don’t get to hear Adlet’s entire thought process, … Continue reading

Rokka no Yusha Episode 10 Review

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds  Adlet continues to try and convince the others of his innocence. He ends up professing his love for Flamie who utterly rejects (and tries to kill) him for it. I definitely didn’t expect Adlet to use … Continue reading

Rokka no Yusha Episode 9 Review + Rant

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds  For a fan of the anime series who had no prior contact with the plot and its characters in the origina light novel, I felt really dragged along in Rokka no Yusha. Initially I thought slaying … Continue reading

Rokka no Yusha Episode 8 Review

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Tensions escalate into life and death matches when Adlet runs into Hans back at the temple. Maura suspects Adlet while Flamie decides to play along. Nashetania suspects Hans while Goldof just seems to be apprehensive of … Continue reading

Rokka no Yusha Episode 6 and 7 Review

“He who can smile, even when he’s sad that he wants to die… is the one who becomes strong.” Episode 6 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds It seems like the Six Braves are intent that Adlet is the fake hero. While … Continue reading

Rokka no Yusha Episode 5 Review

Rating: 4/5 immensely curious clouds Rokka no Yusha is definitely taking the audience into the twists and turns of this seven heroes situation right off the get go. Since the barrier has been activated in the area, neither fiends nor … Continue reading

Rokka no Yusha Episode 4 Review

Episode four of Rokka no Yusha officially assembles the Seven Braves of the Six Flowers… Rating: 4/5 curious clouds It takes quite a bit of Adlet persuading for Nashetania and Goldof to accept Flamie into the group. While Flamie did … Continue reading

Rokka no Yusha Episode 3 Review

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds I was a little bit disappointed with episode three because I expected the plot development to throw us into the heart of the fighting. I didn’t think Adlet would spend ten minutes trying to convince Flamie … Continue reading

GATE Episode 2-3 Impressions

Episode 2 Rating: 3/5 happy clouds  These next two episodes of GATE give us a pretty good impression of exactly how this series is going to pan out. Since the rest of the world seems content in leaving Japan to … Continue reading